Convert Instances to table and table to instances module

Hello devs!

I revamped an old project of mine which allows u to convert instances to table and the opposite.

What can it be used for u may ask? - Here are some situations it can be useful in.

  • Saving map/module
  • Save player creation
  • Make some sort of renderer that loads parts

The module saves Instance children too. The converting is happening really fast so thins happen really fast. It uses HTTP service to require all instances properties and its auto updated, meaning it can convert any new Instance/property added to the studio (Current public versions).

Here is the module:
Instance Convert - Roblox

And how to use it

local DataTable = module.DecodeData(Instance)
local NewInstance = module.EncodeData(DataTable)



Something like this already exists.

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Oh, I could use that. Thank you!