Convert Offset to Scale (and opposite way) in Position


I was wondering how to convert Offset To Scale (and opposite way) in Size and Position.
I found a post about converting but it only works for Size. I was trying to convert Position from Scale to Offset (and opposite way) but I failed. I tried to substract, add but nothing worked.

I believe a possible method for converting off-set to scale is to divide by 100 and to convert scale to off-set to multiply by 100 - I have not tested this method so it may not work.

convert Offset (px) to Scaleā€¦?
Try OffsetGuiObjectPosition/ScreenSize
for the opposite, do ScaleGuiObjectPosition*ScreenSize

Offset to Scale script
local ScreenSize ="ScreenGui",game.Players.YOUR_PLAYER.PlayerGui).AbsoluteSize
local GuiObjectSize =,YOUR_GUI_OBJECT.Position.Y.Offset)

local ScalePosition =,0,ScreenSize.Y/GuiObjectSize.Y,0)