Converting a bike system to PGS

Hey guys! I am one of the scripters for a game called Wolf Ridge Bike Park. Currently, all of our bikes use the legacy physics solver, and we need some help converting it to pgs. This is how the bikes currently act: We want it to remain like that so people don’t have to relearn everything. Additionally, the legacy physics have provided really well for these bikes. Unfortunately for us, the bike uses a bunch of gyros and constraints that are altered by PGS. So my question is: what are the proper ways of going about this issue?


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Since you know how the bike performs with LPS, you would have to convert all the constraints to the PGS constraints then figure out what needs to be tweaked to get a similar behavior like the LPS.

Edit: You may not know this, but


Yes, I am aware of that. Do you happen to know of any plugins that convert the spring constraints to pgs ones without needing to redo everything? The old bikes use the legacy hinges

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Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any plugins that can replace legacy mechanisms and I don’t think there is such thing because attachments and constraints are sorta a complicated system itself :confused:

(If there was a plugin, it could’ve solved world hunger)

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I’m fairly familiar with pgs, I’ll experiment later and get back to you.

Had a play around with an idea and this is what I have.
It is a VERY rough design (about 1-2 hours work), but perhaps you could use it.
pgs bike.rbxl (21.1 KB)

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Would you like to try and experiment with our model? Or try one of our legacies and convert it? I appreciate the effort put into yours but that isn’t how our bikes are done.