Converting FE Gun kit Viewmodel from using Tools into using a Framework System, How?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    FE Gun Kit Viewmodel is a Weapon Kit created by thienbao2109 and bluric.
    FE Gun Kit uses a Tool system which means the gun scripts are inside the tool.

I’m trying to convert it from using a Tool System into using Framework.
My plan is:

Creating an InputController Local Script in the StarterCharacter scripts, It Controls the events when players presses a button. Example:
Pressing 1 equips the gun. Just like equipping the tool but now i’m trying to convert it into a framework.
Clicking will shoot the gun etc. etc.
I’m trying to script the all the Gun’s controls on this InputController and i’m pretty much having a hard time.

The scripts that was used to make the gun work that are included in the tool is Gunscript_Local and Gunscript_Server. i’m trying to make it into a 2 script that makes all the guns works. Maybe use a Module script or anything else.

The gun settings will be on the gun themselves. And The GunScripts will make the gun works based on what the settings are.

I added 3 boolean values into the gun that divides the weaponslot (Primary, Secondary, and Melee). Example: If “Primary” Value is true then the weapon slot will be in the first one. I need help on that too.

  1. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!

I am lack of Scripting skills. Yes, i know, push me, push me. I’ve modified the gun kit for a while but now i’m thinking of converting it into a Framework system. Which is more practical and good looking. I’ve learned lua for a year but i didn’t learn much from it. Any help is appreciateable if it helps me understand how to solve this problem.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

I tried to follow this tutorial by BlackShibe. It helps me understand InputController but i haven’t understand any other thing else.

Here’s the tutorial link. It included 2 tutorials: Making an FPS framework: 2020 edition

Anyway, I did not ask you all to script the whole stuff for me. But i need you all to help me understand
on how to solve this problem, Aswell as understanding the Framework system. Any help could be appreciateable. Please help me and Thank you for Reading.

CREDITS: FE Gun Kit Creator: thienbao2109, FE Gun Kit Publisher: bluric_64bit


currently there is no way to do this
FE Gun kit requires tool and they don’t work if there’s no tool for it

I’ll try to ask my friend to create one because one of them that he created was broken and it didn’t appear