Converting Remotes Into One Remote

How To Convert Game Remotes Into One Remote Easily?

  • Create New Remote
  • For Easy Converting Do This Create A Table Called “Functions”
  • Then Convert Functions, example:
-- Server
local Functions = {}

-- Turn This
game.ReplicatedStorage.Shoot.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, pos)

-- Into This
function Functions.Shoot(plr, pos)

  • Now You Need To Actually Connect Functions:
-- Server
game.ReplicatedStorage["name here"].OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, func, ...)
    Functions[func](plr, ...)
  • In The Client Script Change Every Remote To Your New Remote
  • Also In The Client You Must Add function name as first argument, example:
-- Client
game.ReplicatedStorage["name here"]:FireServer("Shoot"--[[Name Of Function]], Mouse.Position--[[Args Like It Was Before]])

Thats All, Good Time Developing Games :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, this is really easy to do for most intermediate programmers so I wouldn’t consider this a tutorial unless you add a reason why this is useful. Second of all, why? What’s wrong with multiple remote events? Piling up all the remotes to one can cause lag on games that demand rapid client server communication.

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Security Needs
You Can Spam The Remote And If Exploiter Tries To Exclude Remote It Will Also Exclude Other Calls

When Every Remotes Does What Its Name Or Whatever It Is Exploiter Could Block 1 Remote And Still See Other Remotes

CC @GRH_Official

How exactly is it more secure?

Any exploiter who is skilled enough to write a script is probably skilled enough to hook into a remote event and view its arguments through means of manipulating an instance’s __namecall or similar metamethod or using a remote spy. It is also not any more more secure than using a networking module. There are also significant performance impacts with using one remote with a string identifier over using multiple events.

You of course are welcome to use a one-remote structure but it is not to anyone’s benefit to convey the message that it is more secure than using multiple remote events with or without a networking structure and that there aren’t performance impacts involved.

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If this is about exploiting, making everything into one remote event makes the job no harder for the exploiter. In fact, it makes it easier as the location of remote events are always equal and remote spies have options for copying code. Exploits can find RBXScriptSignals pretty easily and disconnect them if thats an issue for some reason. Not only that but your wasting a whole string worth of data on some exploit protection that makes sending and receiving events slower.

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What do you mean? if its “u can use one sanity check for all functions unlike mulyiple remote events…” then your assuming all remotes need one sanity check

Ok commentators. This is made for people that NEED it.
Also this is a TUTORIAL and im NOT saying everyone must use it.