Converting ROBUX to BC?

This just popped into my mind.
So if someone had an amount of R$ that’s (almost) equal to BC cost. He or she would be able to purchase that BC variant.

If it’s equal to the current monthly, this person could be able to exchange r$ for 1 month of BC. Renewing could be possible.

##The rates could be something like:
(Note: I’m not sure about the right calculation; I did it this way just for the example: 400 / 4.95 * 5.95 = 480 R$)

BC - 1 month: 480 R$
BC - 1 year: 4700 R$

TBC - 1 month: 1000 R$
TBC - 1 year: 7000 R$

OBC - 1 month: 1600 R$
OBC - 1 year: 10500 R$

I did notice it was suggested earlier, but that was 2014. And considering ROBLOX has changed so much and most likely got a better income, I thought perhaps it has better chances now :smile:


My only concern is of course the black market.

The Robux black market obviously sells Robux extremely cheaply which people would then expand their usage and use these Robux to purchase BC meaning a huge loss of income for Roblox.

It’s bad enough with the way the black market is at the moment but as cool as this would be, I don’t see it being a reality because of the potential loss of income.


I see… Hm.

Would there be a permanent solution to this? :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe this could work …
Some kind of different currency called something like ‘Club-coins’ perhaps.
Club-coins can ONLY be obtained by developer products being sold, or anything else that can’t be ‘exploidable’ like on the black-market.

Club-coins can be converted into BC if you have the correct amount. The same idea with R$, but then so that it can’t be traded and thus can’t appear on the Black Market :smiley:

They can already assess where Robux came from for approving/declining devex requests. Can a similar system not work here?


The idea of removing tickets was establishing one single currency, creating a new one could be seen as counterproductive.

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Ah… Hmm.

Not sure then :frowning:

I imagine it could, but think of how long DevEx requests take with such a low frequency.

Think of how often these requests would need to be processed, it’d take ages.


The actual price would be at least 1700 R$ for one month BC if we’re using the exchange rate as a base point, it shouldn’t be at the purchase rate.

$ = R*0.0035
5.95/0.0035 = 1700

The rate you gave means someone in only needs to make 30 R$ a month to get free BC (after the initial purchase of course). 15R*30 = 450 R$


But you get 1800 robux over a period of 30 days lol

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I know, as mentioned, I didn’t know the actual calculations until @Darkmist101 told them. :joy:

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I surely agree as long as there is enough prove that the robux where earned by the legal way/ aka.not blackmarket and co.

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Seeing how long it takes to devex a few hundred developers every now and then, i can’t imagine how long it would take to check the tens of thousands of kids attempting to convert their robux to bc memberships.


Not only are the black markets and approval times a concern, but if somebody has their account compromised then the person who compromised it can put in a BC request and there can be no way to stop that if the person does not report their compromised account quick enough or at all.

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I think this is a great idea. EVE and Warframe do this – as well as a number of other games I’m sure – and it allows users who are otherwise unable to get access to premium services. They’re not getting it for free, but instead trading for premium currency/services other players have already bought.

Buying BC doesn’t need to be as thoroughly reviewed as DevEx. With DevEx, they’re giving out real money with no takebacks – BC is a virtual service which can be revoked at any time. Yes, users could have spent ROBUX they’ve gotten from their daily stipend, but that amount is so low it’d hardly affect the ROBLOX economy.

Or they can just buy a whole bunch of limiteds – I don’t see how buying BC is any different since it can just as easily be reverted.

We threw out tix for a reason… A single, majority used currency makes everything easier in my opinion.

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