Converting textures to material variants?


As I was making my game, I though it would be more efficient and less performance costly to use MaterialVariants instead of textures in my game. The regular texture pack I use (Professional Texture Pack) only has support for textures though. Is it possible that I could somehow convert these to MaterialVariants instead?


Why not?

The way material service works is that it creates a whole new material. You can’t just upload a texture and use it as an overlay on other materials.

If you really wanted this, you would have to export the texture into a photo editing program, edit it together with the default roblox material, and then make it it’s own material. You’d have to do this with all the materials you’d want to use your texture on.

Was really hoping this was possible. Though, is using textures really performance costly? I mainly think so due to having 6 texture instances on a single part, but not entirely sure.

Yes they do cause a performance hit. All I can recommend is manually removing textures from sides that are not visible. or you can use custom materials all together.

Alright, I found software that can generate normal maps, etc. for me from textures. Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it!

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