ConvertJSON - A Roblox Studio plugin that converts JSON input into a Lua table


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ConvertJSON is a free, open-source & simple plugin that converts valid JSON into a Lua table, all within a few clicks.

Just enter valid JSON and the plugin will automatically convert the JSON input into a module that contains the table in ReplicatedStorage.

This is useful because you don’t have to go to a third-party website in order to convert JSON into a Lua table, as you can convert it all in Studio.

The gif below shows usage of the plugin:




Sorry to burst your bubble but, you probably spent a while making this.


I made this plugin so it could simplify converting JSON more user-friendly without having to run JSONDecode() in the command bar/when testing your game in Roblox Studio.

ohh my bad I thought you’d made something that had parsed through the string replicating the JSONDecode.

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I’d recommend attaching a screenshot of the output too, because I’ve looked at your source code, and it looks like you’re pretty-printing it, which is really nice, whereas just using JSONDecode would output a single line.

I could’ve done with this plugin a couple of days ago when I was adding a copy of the catalogue to my game via the JSON API. I ended up using inspect and injecting the output of that into a module source.


ConvertJSON 1.1 has been released, with a minor change that adds a timestamp of when the output script was generated.

An example of this: