Convey when an asset has too few triangles for RenderFidelity to be changed better

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to know if an asset has too few triangles to be set to Automatic or Performance RenderFidelity.

Today I was going through some old environments I made before this property was released and while changing the RenderFidelity property, it never visually changed, nor did the property appear to, upon reselecting the mesh.

Fully aware that the output is often used for notifying the developer, I checked the output and noticed it was saying the following:

Asset id rbxassetid://1257795014 has too few triangles for renderFidelity to be set to Automatic or Performance

However, if I had not known that messages like this were being printed in the output (something I probably wouldn’t expect an environment designer to have to have open) I’d likely struggle with figuring out what the problem is.

The toast message popping up when you successfully change RenderFidelity, letting you know that the asset might need to go through moderation could also set the expectation that a message will pop up when unable to be set.

Perhaps a toast notification popping up clearly stating this would be better for most situations, and in situations where mass setting RenderFidelity, possibly telling them that multiple assets didn’t change.


I think all output messages that are in direct response to developer action in Studio should be conveyed (additionally) through toast notifications. That messages like this can be missed by non-programmers is a major UX failure in Studio.


I had this issue on Friday and my first thought was that it was a bug with my mesh’s topology.

As MothMage said:

This is exactly true. I don’t have Output open, and I know that the majority of the environment and asset artists don’t either. This is the exact same problem with the old max triangle count notification that used to be (or still is?) buried in the Output as well. There’s a number of old threads where newer devs think it’s an uploading error because nobody has Output open and nothing else suggested an issue, I can expect the same to apply here with RenderFidelity.

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