Cooking game in a crisis!

Hello developers

I have been working on a cooking game recently and would like to see some feedback on what to improve! It is a fast paced team game were you get ingredients/food and serve it to the customers. While some stuff is a placeholder, what things can I improve to make it feel more intense for the players?

Here is the game link, thank you all for reading


This is pretty good!
Nobody else was playing when I tried it, but fortunately it queued with just me. After playing it, I feel I have 2 main takeaways from the game:

  1. It would be nice to be able to see all pending orders for your team in a list so you don’t have to manually check every customer if you miss one for the few seconds it pops up on the screen or you forget,
  2. The dishes that require 4 ingredients to make seem generally not worth it, especially with low player counts. Having to make 4+ trips to make soup that awards the same number of points as one sliced orange makes the simpler dishes / raw ingredients a better strategy. I suppose if there were enough players on your team to keep up with the orders to the point that you have to deal with the complex dishes then it would be worth to squeeze out a few extra points, but as it stands they don’t offer enough points to be worth it with smaller or slower teams.

Otherwise, I think the gameplay is great! It keeps you on your toes that the guests can order anything in the kitchen.

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Thank you for the feedback!
First: I have added a small points bonus for items that require things like chopping and cooking to be done and a bigger bonus for crafting items to help make them worth it!
Second: I have added a order system so you can see all current orders, when they have taken too long and when they have have been complete. I have also added a ! mark over the customers head so you can see when you have the same order as a customer.