Cool 2d Game Ive Been Working on

Here is a cool 2d game


So, my opinion is

  • In up left, is a textbox saying a thing but I can’t read it because the Roblox Menu button is above it
  • The prices are very high for start, thats bad, anyone that see will not spent time in your game, only make the prices going up each time you buy
  • It has some spelling problems (on Game Menu)
  • The colors are very… “Solid” and it has a really high space with nothing in the middle, make the color Gradient (or a image) and something to be on middle.

Some Ideas:

  • (I know is a 2D game, but… ) Instead of a gui color, make a 3D location and put a camera to the image instead of be a color, be a scene.

Example of the script to make the camera:

workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = workspace.GUICamera.CFrame
  • Make a location to buy “assets” with the cash and trade them with the player, with the objective of get all the game “assets”.

So, good luck in your game!


ok i fixed the textbox, and prices but i donk know where the spelling mistakes are so can you please tell me

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“desided” → “decided”

For other players: Don’t give dislikes on the game, is only made in 3 days!


I agree with everything @rtvr56565, plus

  • The name serves no purpose
  • There shouldn’t be a debounce in the click
  • Shouldn’t call it “2d”, although it is 2d, people expect like an actual 2d game
  • Data doesn’t save
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I think that the debounce can be to have more challenge, and… I think is good for afk auto clickers, because they will don’t see if they can upgrade the debounce (unless they’re using a better type of auto click that make this for them (for example TinyTask)

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true but the first day i was just testing and getting an idea

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why is my data store not working

local datastore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("data")

	local leaderstats ="Folder")
	leaderstats.Parent = player
	leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"

	local Gold ="NumberValue")
	Gold.Parent = leaderstats
	Gold.Name = "Gold"

	local Rebirths ="NumberValue")
	Rebirths.Parent = leaderstats
	Rebirths.Name = "Rebirths"

	local debounce ="BoolValue")
	debounce.Value = false
	debounce.Name = "Debounce"
	debounce.Parent = player

	local key = "user-" .. player.userId

	local storeditems = datastore:GetAsync(key)

	if storeditems then
		Gold.Value = storeditems[1]
		Rebirths.Value = storeditems[2]
		local items = {Gold.Value, Rebirths.Value}
		datastore:SetAsync(key, items)

	local items = {player.leaderstats.Gold.Value, player.leaderstats.Rebirths.Value}
	local key = "user-" .. player.userId

	datastore:SetAsync(key, items)

Im not good at datastore, but you can store a table using DataStore? I thinked to the save a table you needed to use DataStore2

Good idea, if find hackers only remove the data and say thats a “data stone” that removed

oops my mistake i was gonna write datastore

I know, I was just kidding on that part.

But is a idea for anti hack XD

Yeah I am addicted to this game already. It’s really satisfying once you you get a super fast auto clicker. overall, great game, especially for a game that was made in 3 days!

EDIT: I got 7.3 million gold! Here is some proof:


I like it but, you can work a little bit on the GUIs and add the rebirth purchase because I couldn’t find that.

I think that you could also work on the prices of purchases because my “more clicks” option was like 10023423.237734572635476235647362547623534. I don’t want to see those long decimal numbers. Just keep things whole and simple.

I’m going to favorite this and continue to play this. It looks amazing. I think we should be able to click faster.

It didn’t save my progress. I had like 1M Gold with loads of upgrades.

New Update

  1. Reset Data
  2. Clicker Shop
  3. CoolDown Gui