Cool concept for a game?

so uhhh, games.

i have been thinking of a concept where you can control your character with chat, but obviously like,
singleplayer, multiplayer is chaos. and even if i 'd make a multiplayer, you would probably get your own character instead of all controlling 1
so the point is…
this game is like a puzzle game where you have to navigate throught the levels.
the only level currently (half) done is the tutorial (still need to add all of the dialog).

so the game is really simple it is just you typing in stuff and your character moves.
so here are commands used in the game if you would like to know:
f-go forwards
b- go backwards
l-go left
r-go right
jump-jump up
the reason these are short (like 1 letter) is because i want them to be able to be typed quickly for the later levels, like the chase scene and the boss fight.
i am also planning on adding a run command which speeds up the character and adds to the distance it moves per command which right now is 5 studs.
so here is a video of the first level (it is clearly still in development but i just wanted to show you and get your ideas/ opinions on it)

don’t worry about me dying i’m just bad at my game, the attack definetly works, here is proof of me beating it:

the guy is gone because i killed him before i could take the picture (also the brown part i’m standing on is going to be the camera later but for now i just want to show the functionality)

Thanks in advance!


What if you were able to stack commands into one message like:
f jump r a

You can make it so that all commands happen at the same time, or in order.


wow thank you for the idea, yes that seems to be very useful for the player, since they can plan their movements, and type one message containing all commands needed!

Thank you!


With alot more polish and commands all in one line this game could be appealing to alot of people great work!