Cool Creations: Roblox Realistic Street Showcase

What I want to know.

I would love to have some positive, constructive, and negative feedback to improve. Since the learning process is deconstructing, deleting, and remaking for me, and I would love to learn more.

  • Feedback.
  • Similar styles, things you have made.
  • How you saw the game page, the renders, description.
  • Any other additional thing you would like to add.

Where did my inspiration to make this came from.

I played a game called “2 Player Obby”, and I wondered, why I can’t make this! I did a similar map, but with an open roof, and a lot more detailed, however, I decided to turn it into a showcase, since it’s not my original idea, and the creators deserve respect.

But please, tell me in what game I could turn this showcase if you have any idea!

Game link, and a picture.


Amazing lighting! Keep up the good work.

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Looks ok, try using pbr textures, helps a lot with showcases

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I like the game and lighting, but try making every building a different color cause it looks like its just copied and pasted, it would make the game a lot prettier.

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Hey there, here are a few suggestions I have for the game:

  • Using more differentiation with the materials you use, instead of using just roblox materials try and using some external textures.
  • Using more shadows

Also, may I ask what country this would be based in?

This isn’t based in any country, but it’s like the style that Spain uses, and it’s like trying to be low-poly. I also love using the default materials, as it’s the style I’m searching for, not too detailed, but realistic in that sense.

Also, what do you mean by shadows?

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By shadows, I mean in lighting enabling ShadowMap and increasing the shadowsoftness in order to make it more realistic.

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The lighting is nice, but pretty bland, and buildings are very thin. Only realistic parts are the lighting and rope plugin.

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