Cool effect using trigonometric functions


levitating spining green boi epic!


Very epik. How did you do that though?

He did that with trignometry, of course.
He probably used scripting
You’re asking for the script right

cos(x) for the up down motion and just changing rot y for rotation

I don’t get it, couldn’t you just change the y position for the up and down movement and turn the object on its own axis?

Could you explain to us how you implemented trigonometric functions into this movement?

Basically I used sin which basically corresponds with the Y Axis and with that knowledge and that we know that the sine of X goes from -infinity to +positive infinity as time goes on, we can use the math.sin function and feed it the current time

And for the rotation I essentially did the same thing


Thank you for answering, I knew that trigonometry had something to do with circles on their functions. But I didn’t know that their graphs could also produce very smooth curves and thus could also be used for movement.

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