Cool gui I made for a commission

Good day everyone. I am sure you have seen my previous topic almost identical to this but not quite identical. You see, I have been working for the last 2-3 weeks with @Megalodox_Official to make a game based on religious teachings like Islam And Christianity. Me being a muslim and he being a christian. Therefore I have made this GUI design, as shown in the video above. And I would like to have your feedback on it!

Do note that no scripting have been done on actual tabs. Just simple working scripts.

This entire gui costed them 4.5k Robux. Was it worth it?

  • Absolutely Amazing! This is worth the 4,500 robux!
  • No, Its not even worth 3000 robux.
  • This is worth well over the 4,500 robux mark!

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The Windows UI Inspiration kind of triggers me a little bit because I am a Mac user. Maybe put the clock and time in the Topbar?

Also, maybe make the loading lines move not even? The First 2 move at the same time but the last one doesn’t. Maybe make them all move at a different time.

First of all. No. I wont be putting it at the top for your mac users because personally I do not like mac at all. I hate it. And that is due to lag. Sometimes when it lags at a bad point it messes up a bit. I will try fixing it up.

At least, it would be good to make tweening at different time the little rectangle at the middle of the screen instead of 2 and 1. Else the guis looks clean. It should have take alot of time to create the guis (the scripting part doesn’t take that much time)

Yea that part, ill try fixing it later as its not one of my priorities.

it looks really good! i love the soft tweeting and the slightest hints of color, really makes it look modern. it’s well over 3000 robux

This GUI looks good! I like the colors and style of it! Good job on this!

(And @agentphilip07)

Thank you guys so much! Have a great day! :smile:

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