Cool Horse Tech

i just wanted to show it


Looks amazing! Keep up the good work

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Looks EPIC. How did you make that? I’m trying to make a game that requires horse but I can’t find any good videos for help and stuff. It would be awesome if you can tell me how. :smiley:

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with raycasting and SetNetworkOwner,

Looks so sick! Can’t believe how good this is

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Oooooooooh you even got the animations and that tilt effect. :star_struck: Nice work!

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Do you have any documents or videos you would recommend me? I don’t know what SetNetwork Owner with raycasting is. Thanks!

moving horse on the server will be not usefull for high ping so you must simulate physics of horse on client
but without filtering enabled you cant move parts on the client, so you must set network owner of every part of horse to player, that owns the horse
after this you can move horse on client


and im using raycasting for get the surface aim,
think raycasting as holding laser on a point to an another point, and if there is a something between points, laser will be hit to that thing and you can get information about that thing on raycasting
Intro to Raycasting (

at this point im specifying 2 raycast to back of horse and front of horse and than im creating a CFrame on backside raycast result that looks into front raycast result
and than im rotating the horse to rotation of that CFrame

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Also do not rotate the horse itself, rotate C0 of RootJoint of horse
and use remote events to rotate on server,
when horse spawns im clonning RootJoint of horse and deleting original one on local side
and when i want to rotate it im rotating on client and sending rotation matrix to server on remote event and than server rotating it for other clients

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Ok, Thanks very much for the good info! :slight_smile: I’m going to try to learn and make it