Cool lightning + Idea feeback

A friend of mine wanted to learn how to make magic moves, so I spent an hour and a half showing him some cool stuff you can do with math.

This made me think that maybe I could open up a youtube channel where I teach people how to properly program, how to learn, and how to improve as a developer.

Do you think this would be something you would be interested in?
What would you like a channel like that to teach you, what kind of content would you enjoy and learn from?


I really like the lightning effect and would also like to see you start your own channel to teach things. I think you’d be pretty successful on Youtube.


Wow! Yeah, You Should Open Up a Youtube Channel and tell them how to do it? I think you’d be pretty successful on Youtube. But Still Yeah Men I Wish I can do that Lighting thing! :cloud_with_lightning: :scream:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:


Thank you for your kind words! :smile:


Is this done using beams or mesh deformation? it looks awesome.


Surprise surprise! I’ve done it with parts, and it’s actually the most efficent way to do it, the reason being that roblox supports GPU instancing for primitives, so 20 parts are more efficent than single beams and meshes


HOLY!!! That looks incredible!

Good job making that, I wonder does it produce light if used in a dark area?


I could definitely add that, but I have more ideas too! Depending on the size, it could make everything on the place go white for a split second, or it could split into multiple sections. Hell, it could even have some kind of spiral around it. There is so much you can do with a bit of math!


Oh wow, I think that you should definitely create a Youtube channel about this, I would personally totally tune in and subscribe.

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I really like how it fades after the strike. Nice work!

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I guess i’ll do it then, thank you for the feedback!

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I think VFX tutoring would be really helpful, i’d subscribe

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I would do VFX tutoring, but the goal of the channel would be to create independent scripters. Meaning that after completeing my tutorials you would be able to go through the process of figuring out how to do something like this on your own, this way you can program anything you desire!

Of course i would still show how the stuff is done, but i don’t want to be AlvinBlox 2.0 where you just watch my video and copy-paste. I want to teach the process of approaching and solving a problem!

Totally what I mean’t there is already people who walk you through how to make VFX but they don’t explain why and how it works

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Great! Then I’ll start as soon as I’m done with my current project, thank you very much for the feedback!

This is something I am definitely interested in. The integration of math for cool magic VFX is something I would have fun learning about. YouTube channel please! I’m especially curious on how you made the lightning tween, or fade out, like that.

Hey! I’ve been planning, as soon as my current project is done, I will start releasing tutorials and teach programming the right way. I’m really finding a lack of comprehensive and methodic scripting tutorials on the internet.

People are teaching how to make the script, and not how to figure out how to make it. It’s time to change that!