Cool pathfinding bot

I have made a pathfinding bot that is compatible of doing simple jumps and avoiding obstacles

The Game

I would like to receive some feedback

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Its seems pretty good, but is it supposed to kill you?

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I just made it do damage for testing purposes

Not a bad bot! Although it did struggle a bit on those skinny parts :thinking:

Now just imagine 500 of those chasing you in an obby game

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Its really amazing, it kind of struggled with the ladder and just sort of ran off however it got it the second time around

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pathfinding doesn’t do so well with truss and ladders so I made it run around slowly trying to find out a way

smort isn’t much smort
The part that suprised me was that he could drive cars 0-0
Nice bot! Would be cool to have implemented in a game.

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I have currently just fixed that issue and it now can smoothly turn corners

Here’s a version of an army attacking you