Cool spiral pattern I replicated

This morning I saw a youtube video about someone creating spirals with Moore neighborhood and I wanted to give it a try and replicate it on roblox, it went surprisingly good! What do you think about it?


this looks like an earthbound battle background. very groovy.


I think its very cool! However the low update speed kinda reduces the quality, to me it looks around 10 fps, maybe 24?

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Even though I used some methods to try to optimise it as much as possible this is the most I could do :cat:

Try using the new editable images, I heard they are more optimized than individual frames? Or use greedy meshing. (An amazing video on Greedy Meshing by @5uphi aka the tutorial master)

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I’ve used editable images before for a pixel rendering engine and sadly the fps were a little worse in comparison to frames, however I think combining it with greedy meshing might change this! I’ll look into it, thanks!!