Cool Sword Designs and Effects

These look sick. I was workin on a sfoth remake a long time ago for fun and I made some stuff similar to you, but the effects on yours look way better. I like windforce a lot, but you should also add variations of all the sfothiv swords. I think they’d look pretty good and it’d be cool to have a nod towards a classic game.

Send me it. My discord is J.#0069

Thanks for the comment I appreciate it alot, I tried to be very unique with the swords and I came with these ideas myself.

I’m most likely going to release an OG sword collection of all the swords in the Roblox CATALOG.

DUDE! These are straight-up amazing!

I love the style on them, my favorites are Stormbringer, Twilight and the Nitro Sword.

You should make other swords and sell them, someone would most likely buy them.

I love the swords, you did a good job with your team to make the best swords on roblox.