Cool Sword Designs and Effects

Currently, my team and I are working on the design for our swords in our upcoming game.

We have made a total of 25 different swords, 24 swords purchasable by the Merchant and 1 Limited Sword with a scripted format where if you server boost our community server you get the sword known as “Nitro”

These are a quick sketch of some of our swords, I’ll be posting all 25, and I hope that you guys can give me Feedback and put in comments your particular favorite!

These swords will also have a rarity system by the crate, meaning you can open a crate for a specific amount of coins, and you’ll have a % chance to get the sword you desire.

Primary Swords


Nitro Sword

Other Swords


There are other swords, but these are the ones I found to be most intriguing. Please give these swords a look, give me some opinion, and, most importantly, tell me what your favorite sword is in the reply section so I can know what to put for each rarity!

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, ask for other questions!


These swords look great, although wouldn’t the particles add up to server lag? Just asking, as it would take away from the great sword designs that do look amazing. They look great though!

My favourite is Twilight :wink:

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Yeah, Twilight is a very unique sword.

Me and my team focused on whether or not the particles would create server lag and in truth they do not.
It really matters on your build set up and how high your graphics can handle.

If your game is at 1 graphics, you will be fine but you can barely see the particles. It requires 3 - 10 graphics to view the particles in an alarming rate, and again it depends on how much your graphics can handle.

Most people can handle 3 so people can still view it and not lag.


I a blown away by these swords, they are so amazing!

I appreciate that comment, what’s your favorite sword though if you had to choose?

I’d have to go with the Demonslayer

Bro you are a god with this, those swords are incredible.

I love all, really.

Just being me the particles would be a bit spooky because of the lag they can cause but other than that those look sweet! I really like how you took advantage of different materials.

These are some pretty nice Swords, Good work.


Nice job on these swords, look forward to seeing more.

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Great work! Looks really nice!

Really got into the forcefeild material! The new addition is great!

I love ghostwalker. I like it because of the cool turquoise and greenish hue that surrounds the clear sword. Something about it just makes it stand out over the rest. They are all amazing though! :wink:

I really like these! Although if i had to name the Nitro Sword i would name Amethyst or something. My opinion is that i just don’t think Nitro goes with that, i would go for something like amethyst.

I appreciate that you like the swords that were made, which sword is your favorite?


Moonslayer, Startlight, and Nitro are my favourites

Falshion, I guess, I like colorful stuff

These swords look really good! My favourites are the firebrand, nitro, leviathan, stormbringer, twilight and harbringer.

Nice Input. Thank you for taking your time to view the swords.

:crossed_swords: Wow, those swords are SO cool! Can’t wait until the games released! I really like the Strombringer because it looks like the lightning that Palatine uses in Starwars. :crossed_swords:

I can help you with a nitro sword. I have, script for player only tool. If you, are in the script you get, tool. I will edit, it for you and, send it in reply.