Cool UI Concept


I’m designing a game, and wanted to overhaul the default UI as it looks kind of clunky in my own opinion.

I wanted to design a HUD that is both simple and clean.
Below is what I want the UI to be so far, all are designed using Adobe XD.

Main UI:

User Menu (player icon):


  • Face (left) opens the Emoticons menu.
  • Person (middle) opens your player card.

Backpack screen:

I’ll update this post when I make some more UI designs.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Feedback is most certainly appreciated :innocent:


I like the design for sure. I wonder how it will work multi-platform tho because coding the UX might be a pain for Xbox and mobile. I also think the search bar color is off in the top right of the backpack UI and maybe only allow like 5 items to visualize in the main UI because all 11 of those items dominate the screen quite dramatically. If you want you could put arrow buttons on either side of a lesser amount and use ClipsDescendants + tweening of some sort to slide between all items in the main ui so you don’t have to open the entire backpack necessarily.

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The colors for the interaction buttons aren’t the same, you might have to fix that, apart from that, you might have to use some shadow elements for the UI.