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A cooldown service that will make it easier for you to develop your systems, whether it’s as player skills or just a simple tool service.

What are the benefits the service gives?

  • Ease and practicality that improve your code and performance.

  • You won’t waste time writing 100 lines just for cooldowns.

  • A clean, uncluttered workspace.

Why should I use CooldownService?

CooldownService will bring you a simple and compact system to store time, thus having a better safe handling and better of that storage.

CooldownService was developed by HottylewrSlip!




I don’t get why this is useful when you can just do

local cooldown = false

    if cooldown == false then
        cooldown = true
        --do something
        cooldown = false

or something like that.

I also don’t get what you mean with this:

as I doubt anyone has 100 lines of code dedicated just for cooldowns?

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A CooldownService of any kind is just not useful. For a task so simple, a singleton is not needed at all. You could easily make your own module in seconds.

local cooldowns = { }

function number)
    return setmetatable({
        cooldown = time;
        isCompleted = false;
    }, {__index = cooldowns})

function cooldowns:cancel()
    self.isCompleted = true
    setmetatable(self, nil)

function cooldowns:start()
    task.delay(self.cooldown, function()
        self.isCompleted = true

return cooldowns

As I recall, the reason for this service was to manage a large amount of cooldowns for specific values, such as having 3 cooldowns for a single player. The service is really not very useful and clearly has several ways to do the same with very few lines of code, but I still leave the service available in case beginner developers are interested and study the system to create their own implementations and thus evolve.