Copy a existing place into a existing game

So someone I knew has made many maps in different places, it’s a fault because now the games aren’t connected to the place so we can’t just teleport players without sending them to a different game.

Now I want to just Copy the places with the maps and just bring them to the asset manager → places. But there is no supported upload way to upload the places into the game.

Does someone have a solution? Please tell me :wink:.

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Maybe you could copy the workspace and other properties manually from the studio and paste them into the game where you want them?

As in: open each map individually in the studio and copy the contents of workspace and paste it into the workspace in the main game you want them all to be in.

no, that’s isn’t an option. The person has made also many terrain.

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its dont have any shortcuts but u cand do it
example: enter the game u want to copy it and save it to file
after that enter copied file and click that file button and select publish to robox to as
and select the that game you want to copy and click add new

do this if u dont want teleport between places

There is a plugin called Terrain Loader that allows you to save your terrain, copy the instance, then paste it into a new place.

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