Copy and Paste breaks on Roblox Client

Sometimes when I go and alt tab to grab an asset ID and ctrl + c. Bring into my game client to paste. It works but then after a while it randomly breaks.

When it breaks, I can’t copy and paste anywhere else, my notepad, chrome, roblox, it just breaks copying and pasting on my computer.
It only fixes itself when I close roblox. That’s when copying and pasting works again.

It’s such a bizarre bug.


I had this happen as well. Really strange.


Yeah, it still happens. And it is really annoying.


A quick fix I do when this bug happens to me and I don’t want leave game is to:

Press Win + R to open Run dialog. After that type: sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Usually this always works. Otherwise it fixes itself.

Hopefully this was helpful.


This has been a problem for awhile. I’ve noticed that when you copy an image to your clipboard then paste it in to Roblox that seems to break copy & paste. I’m on Windows 10.

update: (very late ! I’m sorry!)
This can be fixed by entering “echo off | clip” in to the command prompt.image


Still happens like this yeah, very annoying Roblox client issue. Still no solution :frowning:


Yeah this still happens for me, I found a solution though (it works for me at least)
If you type anything in chat but dont enter it like random stuff “aa” then just copy that text and paste it in the chat bar again it will fix your problem.