Copy and Paste breaks on Roblox Client

Sometimes when I go and alt tab to grab an asset ID and ctrl + c. Bring into my game client to paste. It works but then after a while it randomly breaks.

When it breaks, I can’t copy and paste anywhere else, my notepad, chrome, roblox, it just breaks copying and pasting on my computer.
It only fixes itself when I close roblox. That’s when copying and pasting works again.

It’s such a bizarre bug.


I had this happen as well. Really strange.


Yeah, it still happens. And it is really annoying.


A quick fix I do when this bug happens to me and I don’t want leave game is to:

Press Win + R to open Run dialog. After that type: sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Usually this always works. Otherwise it fixes itself.

Hopefully this was helpful.


This has been a problem for awhile. I’ve noticed that when you copy an image to your clipboard then paste it in to Roblox that seems to break copy & paste. I’m on Windows 10.

update: (very late ! I’m sorry!)
This can be fixed by entering “echo off | clip” in to the command prompt.image