Copy and paste ColorSequence, NumberSequence

As shown by this thread, it is easy and simple to copy paste colors but not colorsequences:

As a developer sometimes I am dealing with 20 Beams that I want to have the same colors, going through the console or using a 3rd party plugin to execute a script to change their color, only to be dissatisfied and go through the process is very tedious. We should be able to copy and paste composite data structures just as well as the simpler ones. On this note, we also need to be able to copy and paste NumberSequences (e.g. the transparency of a particle emitter), for similar reasons.


Agreed, I wish the ColorSequence/NumberSequence properties were displayed similar to CFrames instead of just <ColorSequence>.

For example, this ColorSequence could display like this.


{{0, 255, 255, 255}, {0.5, 0, 0, 0}, {1, 255, 255, 255}}

And this NumberSequence would display like this.


{{0, 10}, {0.5, 5}, {1, 10}}

Envelopes could also be possible with a third number.


{{0, 10}, {0.5, 5, 2}, {1, 10}}

We could also get a dropdown menu for each keypoint, similar to the CFrame’s Position and Orientation!


This is a much needed feature, especially when dealing with things like Beam and ParticleEmitter instances. I also wish to add that you can only modify one at a time when it comes to ColorSequence and NumberSequence. You cannot select multiple instances and change them all at the same time so they are all the same.

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