Copy INGAME player model?

So in my game I have character customization, and for one of my shops, I would like to have that players avatar on display to see what looks good, how would I go about making this happen?


Do you mean like just cloning the current model? If so, just do

--Client Side
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Archivable = true
local clone = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:Clone()

--Server Side
game.Players[PlayerNameHere].Character.Archivable = true
local clone = game.Players[PlayerNameHere].Character:Clone()

-- Idk if you're trying to do this on the server or client so I posted both

From there, I assume you are either using a ViewportFrame or just have the model in workspace so you can set the parent as such and use the SetPrimaryPartCFrame function on it to position it where you want it.

I don’t exactly know if this helps you so if it doesn’t then I need some more details on what your issue is.


The character has archivable set to false in game so you’re gonna have to set that to true and then clone it.

From there it should just be some ViewportFrame magic to make it show up with your accessories and such.

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