Copy & Paste Break

Now that we have universes, I’m really trying to push out an amazing game.

Issue is, ROBLOX copy & paste often fails epicly and it’s quite annoying. Basically the “Paste Into” option just disappears (greys out) and can’t be used. No idea how to replicate it, I know someone on this forum knows how (forget who) but it’s insanely annoying now because it happens with multiple places open at once. And thanks to universes…I’m working on 2 places at once.

Yeah, I’ve had this bug happen to me quite a bit ever since the new studio came out.

It gets irritating having to restart the studio because of this glitch. Still don’t know what causes it.

I have this issue as well. All paste functionality breaks (including Ctrl+V) and the only way to get it back is to restart studio. I can’t repro it consistently.

Something else in the clipboard?
I get this problem too randomly.

Does it let you drag items from one studio into another when you have this issue? (does it let you do that at all? :huh:) I have this issue quite often, but it rarely effects me because I don’t do too much copy or pasting instances

I think it’s due to ROBLOX putting bad data onto the clipboard, or simply not putting data onto the clipboard at all. The other studio instance doesn’t have a clue what kind of instance you’re copying over and freaks out about it (by greying out the button, like said)

I’ve had it happen a few times. Mostly when going to copy something from somewhere else and accidentally pasting into the document instead of copying.

I have had this problem before. I’ve made it happen a few times by just opening the start page and surfing around for a few minutes. It’s random though. When you restart studio to fix the problem; what you last copied; is paste-able again. I’ll try to find how to reproduce this problem without it occurring randomly.

I managed to get it to say I could paste when it wouldn’t let me, but I don’t know how to reproduce the greyed out paste button.

Yeah I need to reopen my universe places about once per hour when working on them because of this bug :confused:

Yes this bug is so irritating it just randomly happens and there is no way to fix it other than restart roblox studio.

Okay this is getting REALLY annoying.

Yeah, this happens to me too.

I have it to, very annoying.

I got an error that it couldn’t get current user when it happened this time.

^ same. I had to reboot my PC to fix it. One time the test server wouldn’t even open. Forcing me into restarting.

Happens to me too. Hate having to restart studio every time.

This glitch continues to be of a problem to me. :dry: