Copy & Paste Doesn't Copy Sometimes & Uncopies Itself

Copy & Paste definitely has some odd behavior happening and I finally captured it on video. Sometimes you click copy and your clipboard is still empty. I’m not sure if this is a bug with copy or with paste.

Notice how clicking copy will wipe the clipboard the second time I copy it?

I have no idea how to reproduce this as it happens randomly from time to time however I’ve heard other devs complain of it too.

You know the bug is there when you go to paste something and your clipboard is empty, making you wonder if you forgot to click copy. But it happens too frequently for it to be forgetfulness…and as seen in the video!

Edit: lots of people seem to also experience this using “Cut” which deletes their object but does not put it on the clipboard :grimacing:


I’m not going crazy! This is happening to me too, although it is very difficult to get an exact repro for this. I find more success with clicking the buttons in the context menu instead of using hotkeys.


This happens to me all the time. It gets old when I cut and paste something only to find the thing I cut isn’t in my clipboard so I have to undo. Please fix.


This happens all the time and it is insanely infuriating. It has gotten to the point where I now copy things twice for good measure.


We’re looking into this issue, but after repeated copy+paste attempts there’s no repro for this issue. Can you provide the place file you were using and/or more specific actions you were performing, like which buttons were pressed during each step of the video?


This is still happening to me, it’s been an issue for months. If it helps, this error shows up whenever this happens:

QT ERROR: OleSetClipboard: Failed to set mime data (application/x-roblox-studio) on clipboard: COM error 0xffffffff800401d0 (Unknown error 0x0ffffffff800401d0) (The parameter is incorrect.)


Still happening :frowning: You can see me click copy and then it doesn’t have paste available.

I never use “Cut” because of this issue, as the only way to restore your work is CTRL-Z.


You can duplicate it with ctrl+d then drag it where you need it. And I’m pretty sure it’s not available because you are trying to copy and paste it into a spot where it already is…


That’s not how copy & paste works, it doesn’t care if you’re putting it into the same parent.
I know there’s a lot of workarounds but I’m reporting this specific bug!


Still happens as of writing of this post.
I was about to create a new post only to find this has been an issue over a year ago.

It has been happening a lot even with copying text within the script editor as well.


Still happens, not uncommon. Has happened for over a year now for me.


It looks like this is a bug with QT, fixed in either version 5.8, version 5.12, or not at all (unclear, there are many similar issues). Roblox Studio seems to be using 5.6 and updating is likely very difficult.

It seems to happen when certain other programs are using the clipboard or are monitoring it at the same time (examples might be ShareX, Dropbox, other IDEs, etc.). If this issue is particularly bad for you, you may be able to find program(s) on your computer that exacerbate the issue and remove or close them to reduce how often this happens.

Something that Studio should do in the case of Ctrl + X though, is wait for the clipboard operation to succeed before removing your selection.


This is likely the same issue seen in this thread. The specific reply in that link is me explaining a more in-depth explanation of what appears to happen.

In summary, the issue is that copying does work, but then is overridden by a blank, “null” entry. This mainly applies to copying text in Roblox, but I’d think that something similar is happening here.

This bug still happens but I have no idea how to reproduce it. It makes Cut & Paste unusable since Cut behaves as delete.

Here’s an example of trying to copy a model between two places. Notice the “Paste” option is never highlighted.

I thought my keyboard was breaking! Good to know it’s a bug and will hopefully be fixed soon. Gets quite annoying while transfering stuff between games

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Wait so I’m not insane this happens to other people

This has been driving me up a wall for well over a year, it’s to the point where I just spam copy like a dozen times and pray it actually decides to work.

It’s infuriating because there’s literally no way to reliably repro it, it just happens completely randomly.


This was happening about 9-10 months for me and was fixed, but then started happening a couple weeks ago. It breaks more times than it works for me, incredibly frustrating.

Spamming RightClick → Copy does not seem to work when it is broken. Notice “Paste Into” is greyed out after clicking Copy.

I then press CTRL-C a few times and you notice “Paste Into” becomes active, meaning the copy worked.

Windows 10

I thought this was just me, dang.

I had issues with copy + paste in studio, but mainly in the roblox chat. I can no longer copy + paste ANYTHING into the roblox chat, it just clears my clipboard.