Copy-Paste Text Breaks too much for me

After I paste text like once, it will never let me paste it again until I like restart my computer.
I was testing a module that allows OBJ importing to triangles, but I can’t just rewrite about 15K lines of code from the file like 10 numbers in an ID. :angry:

Repro steps:

  1. Try to copy several things from the website, Notepad, or something that is not built into Roblox Studio scripts
  2. The text will not paste, and studio will not let you paste it.

It breaks after 6 digit codes, or +100K .obj sources.

In the meantime, you can just drag selected text from place to place.

I have this issue with Studio too. After a lot of usage of Studio, the Copy & Paste feature just completely stops working. Even right-clicking on objects in-game grays out the ‘paste’ option all the time (as if nothing was every copied/cut).

It only happens to me for copy and pasting Parts/Models/Whatevers.

Not that I’m saying “No support” or anything, bugfixes are always good, but generally closing and re-opening the place fixes it for me.