Copying a somewhat large amount of sounds into parts slow the server and client down for a while

Edit: This issue has been resolved. Thank you Roblox team!

When I have a script clone about ~20 long? sounds into a few parts, the client and server freeze or slow down severely.

Steps to reproduce: Clone a large list of sound files multiple times from ReplicatedStorage/ServerStorage into parts in the Workspace. The longer the sound is seems to affect the client more severely.

Above is an editable demonstration place. If a video or computer specifications is required, I will provide them.


I’m not sure if this issue is being resolved. I haven’t gotten an update yet.

Couldn’t this be resolved by having the Part trigger an play and stop? going so it can work like this.

ServerStorage > ThemeMusic > Play
wait till player touches play field
ServerStorage > ThemeMusic > Stop
ServerStorage > PlayerSong > Play

I don’t understand the reply you made.
However, the issue isn’t about playing songs at all.
The client and server slow down, or maybe even freezes, just because sounds are being copied into parts.
ServerScriptService copies sounds from ReplicatedStorage into parts. You can see the source by editing the game posted.
I may be able to resolve this by doing this differently, however this still is a bug even if I can or cannot do it differently.


Is there any update on this? It severely affects the client and studio.

Edited after changing the posts directory.

Looks like Sound : : tryLoadAsync is ran multiple times during replication

Yeah, something in the backend is doing something that is halting the client. I think tryLoadAsync is not the issue, it’s the fact that it doesn’t use async in the first place. Something tryLoadAsync leads to. As if it was unable to actually load in an async thread. It’s everything about the “loading” itself, as even if the sound is cached, it still freezes up.

I’m currently in the process of finding the exact thread that’s causing the issue. I have raw dumps to process. I’ll try and update soon.

It’s looking more and more like it has something to do with FMods cache.

Interesting find: Disconnecting from the network causes the game to freeze for ~5 -10 seconds when attempting to download audio in Studio.

This issue has been resolved.

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