Copying and Pasting terrain

Hello! I’ve been trying to clone a region of terrain, change the material of part of that region then paste the previous terrain in the same position after a few seconds. The main problem I am having is clone the right area and radius of that area then pasting is in the same spot. How would I do that?

Could you duplicate the original terrain, parent the clone to workspace, then just call Destroy() on the original?

I have no experience with terrain really but looking at the api page I suppose you could use CopyRegion to get the terrain and PasteRegion to set the terrain. As for changing material you could probably use ReplaceMaterial.

only way i know how to copy a region is to create a new place and save over, im not sure about changing the type of terrain used. For example i wanted to move all this terrain to another place i dont know how to copy the terrain because i dont think you can select it in any way

terrain you want to copy

image publish it to a new place

select the new place

all the terrain the loaded in the original place will be saved to the new one