Copying color from a blender model to a image texture?

Basically I’m trying to convert the color of a model that I color through blender to an image texture. How I build things now is I make separate parts to color things in studio. So, each model (blades, armor, any asset) is usually made up of multiple parts just so I can color them appropriately. However, I’m wanting each part to be one MeshPart and have multiple colors through the image texture.

I’ve Googled and YouTubed multiple answers, however, none seem to lead me to a Blender 2.9 tutorial. A term commonly seen was baking a texture?

I’m sure there are multiple techniques, however, I’d like to know the most simple way of just copying whatever I colored/textured on a model to convert it over to Roblox studio so that I can make some more interesting models. Thanks in advance.

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I think baking in 2.8 is practically the same as 2.9, you could try those tutorials I guess