Copying Set of Keys in new Animation Editor



In the old animation editor, I recall being able to copy a set of keys(an entire pose) and pasting at a different timeframe. I can’t seem to do that anymore in the new animation editor, I’m only able to select one key at a time. Is this feature still available?


Currently it isn’t.
However, it’s been mentioned in the announcement thread itself that it would be worth looking into.

We can assume it will return in the future!

If you are having a difficult time animating with the current editor, I highly suggest this plugin:


This functionality should be available now. you should also be able to drag to select a bunch of poses to copy/paste.


Should be now, right click on one of the keys of the keyframe (all keys on a timeframe) , you should see the option “copy keyframe” and “cutkeyframe” , click one of them (the meaning behind them should be understandable) and go to a timeframe where you wanna paste them, now the good thing about this is that you can use ctrl+v to paste it, or you can paste it manually by right clicking, or like the post above said, you can drag them all to your timeframe.