Copying text on Mac requires ctrl+c instead of cmd+c

Note: There is a post about this from august which is locked right now, so I made a new post since this has not been fixed.

I recently noticed that Roblox now allows you to copy text in TextBoxes (I guess I’m late on this), which is wicked cool. However, I noticed that you have to do ctrl+c to copy text even on Mac instead of cmd+c, which is, of course, the native copy hotkey for Mac. Cmd+C won’t do anything and instead will just be treated as if you’re typing the letter C, while ctrl+c will properly copy the text. This does not happen in studio testing

I first noticed it a couple days ago in my game:



To recreate this bug, simply create a TextBox with text already in it, and then try to copy it with cmd+c.


Hi @Chatowillwin! Thank you for reporting this - we have a ticket for this issue and hope to address this soon. We definitely want the hotkeys to match native (OSX keybinding) behavior!

Take care!


Just want to note that issue still actual. Very confusing for MacOS users.


Yeah it is really confusing for me. It’s really hard getting used to with

Cmd + X
Cmd + V
Ctrl + C

It’s getting annoying. Please fix it

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