Copying the local animate script into a character doesn't work

I trying to copy and paste the animate script that spawns inside of your character automatically into a NPC character. However, it doesn’t seem to animate the character at all. I took out all of the emote lines of code as well, so it doesn’t give back errors. This is in a Server script btw:
The script in Explorer.

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Is the script local? If so then make Server script, copy the code from the local script then insert the code into Server script and name it “Animate” [The server script and put away local “Animate” script from the character], put all stuff inside the server script which was in the local

or check if the npc’s humanoidpart is anchored, if it is then unanchor it

I’ve already done this, however, I have found out why the script doesn’t work. It’s because I’m cloning the character in a local script for a cut scene