Copy/paste Filtering; the battle continues

Tl;dr: There needs to be a spam-filter for messages that can detect copy/paste messages from bots and automatically move them to archived/delete.

As we all know comments were disabled due to high-volume spamming. This affected everyone who used the comments section; whether reading, posting or using them as a form of feedback (developing). To combat the rampant spamming, rather than finding an alternative they were shut off.
The battle was won.
Spammers everywhere sunk back into their caves as those who had been suffering from them raised up their newly freed arms from the shackles and celebrated. Well, as much as they could without commenting.
The spammers were not beaten though, no sir.
They were simply biding their time.
The battle for comments is over, but the battle of messages has only just begun.

After playing any frontpage game (and I mean any) you will begin to recieve messages from dozens of bot accounts all “giving away free robux”. Comments are gone, but the spam is not.

I would love to see an automatic filtering system, much like one that detects swearing, be implemented into the player messages. If a single message outline has been sent multiple times by a single person, or received by a single person, then that/those messages should be automatically archived. That way any spam is fairly hidden from those that are potential targets from the botters and doesn’t remove any legitimate messages from the player.

I personally think the wrong angle is being taken currently, individual accounts are being moderated, but the accounts are all “Buildermanxxx-xxxx”. There can be an infinite amount of these accounts, and the time it takes for players to not only mark this as spam, then to moderate it at a human/computer (what do you do?) level takes a little longer than needed.

Edit: posted before I finished >.<

With this system in place, you cut-off their last line of messaging. This could also be applied to comments, group pages, badges and store items. I have no knowlege of filtering, but I am incredibly suprised that there is not already something like this in play.

Additionally, I believe a pinned post in the moderation sub-forum here would be an excellent place to allow any developer who catches wind of a new copy pasta to post it and allow it to be manually implemented into a filtered-database.


+1 but don’t put them in Archive tab, people actually use that as an archive. Instead make a new tab called Spam


or allow message deletion