Copy/Pasting Sounds Is Getting Significantly Worse

A few months ago, whenever you copied and then pasted a sound object somewhere, it would be unselected on the paste. This wasn’t that big of an issue, just a little bit annoying, so I didn’t feel the need to report it as a bug.

As of recently however, it’s gotten significantly worse…

Now when you copy and paste a sound object. Not only is the new copy not selected on paste, but it’s always parented to workspace. No matter where you wanted to paste it, it will always appear as a direct child of workspace. You then have to drag it where you want it. This negatively effects workflow and leads to a lot of confusion because if you didn’t know it was dropped into workspace, it would look like the sound just disappeared entirely.


ive also been having this problem and i can agree that its just really annoying, especially if you need to put an audio in like startergui or something but you got a ton of things in workspace. i hate what is going on with trying to paste audios.

Thanks for the report! We are aware of this issue: Unable to copy & paste sounds