Copyright for models

What are the copyright rules for models in roblox? Would it be okay if I made a very similar mesh to another game or from an image i found on google as long as its not rendered the same or would I have to significantly change the shape of the mesh?


You should be straight, Free Models are for a reason, but if you going to take a inspiration from a another game and revamp it, Give the the original creator credit.

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What I meant was if I were to take inspiration from a game outside of roblox.

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Oh, you should be good, a lot of games do that and I don’t see a copyright going around with that .

No Stealing Assets Nor Scripts Nor Guis, Especially not trees those are very hard to make

Free models are considered under the public domain for all Roblox players to use. Therefore you can use it and you can monetize your game with those models. But if you got a model from a website like CGTrader then you can get a DMCA if you don’t follow the creator’s rules. As for getting a model on google, you have to read the terms of the person who created the model. If they ask for credit give them credit if they ask for money give them money, etc. As for ideas that are inspired as long as they are not a blatant copy of that idea you’re fine.

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Did Roblox officially mention that free models are public domain?
I need official source.