Copyright questions about clothing from the roblox catalog?

So, I’ve read posts about the same question as mine, but that really didn’t help. They did not have the same situation as me. I know you have to ask permission to use UGC items from the catalog in your game, but what about shirts and pants and stuff?

Purpose of the Clothes

For a little backstory, we are not going to be earning robux with these shirts, it’s for decoration. Basically there are NPC’s for our story game, which need clothes. So I got some from the catalog and put it in the NPC’s.

My Question

Then, I wondered can our game get taken down, or even worse we get banned for it? Just to clarify again, we are not earning anything from it, it is just clothes for in-game NPC’s for the story game. Now would this be okay? Or would I have to find a way to get in contact with these people and ask them for permission, because that might be a bit tough. Or what can I do? Thanks for reading! Any tips or advice you may have, please share them! :smile:

Also, the post I was referring to in the beginning was this post:


Clothing made by people in the community is part of UGC, and while the restrictions for clothing specifically is hard to enforce due to how much of a mess it is, there still is the responsibility for you and your studio to uphold the best and most professional practices - which is to ask for permission for all content not made by your team, or the faceless entity that is Roblox.

Find original creators, and make a deal with them or at least get their permission - it’s really not difficult to reach out to artists and the alternative can be nasty.


Ah dang, this is gonna take a while wont it? So, that means i’ll have to contact the original creator? How can I do that if there is like 1,000 copies of the same stuff??? So the best thing to do is make our own clothes, ig?

But is it REQUIRED though?

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Games using other people’s clothing has been common for nearly a decade, not to mention many original clothing designers have given up and left the platform because of their stuff being copied thousands of times.

I think it’s alright since i’ve never seen a clothing designer try taking down a game because it had their designs in it.

But if you can, it’s best to credit and pay any original designer you can find if you decide to put their work ingame.

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If you’re just blindly looking for a “you can do it” don’t bother making a thread asking if you can do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I explained that due to the huge issue of content copying that it’s difficult to enforce. That doesn’t mean it isn’t enforced nor is it the most professional practice to use content you didn’t make without permission. And just because others got away with it doesn’t protect you from getting in trouble.

So from here your options are to make it in-house, contract someone to make it, or get permission from the original creator. None of these options are out of reach for anyone.


Wait is this legit…?

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I asked this question about UGC items on twitter, and a Urbanize got back to me and said you do in fact need permission to use UGC items, tho most creators wouldn’t mind.

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Getting permission is just the right thing to do. Also wouldn’t hurt making a “Skin Details” Gui, and adding a “Buy on Roblox” button for each of the items… Could help in getting permission.