Copyrighted Brands on Clothing

Hi, recently I just got a copyright moderation warning about some clothing I made 7 years ago with the Nike logo on them.

I was wondering, is there any way I can remove content I made off the website so I’m not moderated for it again? I have some clothing still uploaded but I have taken it off sale so it can be distributed.

The best solution to avoid copy-right take downs after the content has been published is to stop the distribution. Personally I believe you should take it off sale and make a note in the description that it won’t be coming back for copy-right reasons.

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The issue I’m having is that Roblox gave me a copyright warning for shirts that were 7 years old. I had a fwe more on sale that were like the ones that were taken down (they had the Nike logo on them) and I took them off sale and labeled them “not for sale”. I’m just asking is there a way to remove the other ones off the Roblox website without me getting moderated.

There isn’t a way at the moment; that’s why I suggested taking them off sale and making a note. However, I’d defiantly contact support about the falsely removed ones.

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Yep will do, I just don’t want to be moderated for something that was fine a few years back and isn’t fine now. :+1:

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This is an issue I’ve been continuously dealing with. Here is what Dev Engagement gave me as an answer:

Content Copyright and Intellectual Property

What is the strike system? > How can I remove content that I previously uploaded?

You can browse through the Create page to identify content you have uploaded. You can also use the Library tab to search for content you have uploaded by “Creator” name. If you previously uploaded content which you wish to take down, you can use the archive feature to remove this content. For content that cannot be removed via archiving, email This email will remain available while we are working on other tools to make it easier for developers to take down content that they have previously uploaded.

Only the uploader of the content can use this email process to have their content removed. So please don’t use this process to submit reports about content that you didn’t post.

If you send the links of your assets to the designated email, they will remove them without giving you a moderation strike.

Some further notes I received from Roblox support:

Best of luck to you!


Thank you so much! This helps a ton!!

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