Core Leaderboard visibility by default

It’s currently impossible for us developers to have the core leaderboard invisible by default without fully disabling it. This causes friction for PC players - for games that support servers with 10+ players, you end up having situations like the following happening:

The whole Main HUD gets overlapped by this UI frame, which can’t be hidden by us developers by default. Instead, players have to manually set it as invisible. From an accessibility standpoint, developers should be able to have this UI invisible by default.



I definitely agree. There’s been other developers wanting this change too (example 1, example 2), so I feel like it’s long overdue.

This has been an issue in my game Find The LankyBox Morphs. I ended up entirely disabling the leaderboard because of this.

I know this can be solved by implementing a custom leaderboard into the game. However, I prefer the default leaderboard system and interface, and I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time to create a custom leaderboard. The leaderboard isn’t the most important feature of a game, but it is still great for users to see other players and their stats.

It’s a simple request, but it would very much be appreciated by me and many other developers. Thank you!