Core VR UI Disappearing Unexpectedly When Moving

Reproduction Steps

In my setup with a Valve Index on Windows 11 in the game The Open Space and a demo for Nexus VR Character Model, I noticed some of the Core VR UI elements (cursor, bottom bar) were disappearing and re-appearing depending on where I stood in the room. This made it impossible for me to open the Roblox menu and toggle other UI elements since I can’t interact with the bottom bar. This only seemed to happen with the client, not Roblox Studio.

Expected Behavior

The core VR elements should be visible all the time so they can be used.

Actual Behavior

The bottom bar and other elements disappear with no clear indicator why or at what point they do that.


The only workaround I have is to find where the bottom bar becomes visible and return there when I need to change something.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date Last Experienced: 2022-09-29 00:09:00 (-04:00)


Sounds like a 10-foot-interface bug. I don’t use Steam VR so I don’t have this issue, but similar issues involving setting the head scale of the camera will not be proportional to the 10-foot-interface, which I believe is related to this issue.

Thanks for the report! We’ll take a look.


Hey everyone, wanted to circle back here. We think this is resolved. Is the issue still happening?