CoreGui BubbleChat spams output with error

Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced:
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
This bug can be found on our game when joining, before the character is spawned in / fully loads in. Or, at least, that’s what we can assume. This only occurs when the player is loading in / is in the menu, and stops occuring after they’ve left the menu. First began occuring when we moved our game to the new bubble chat.

Expected Behavior:
The console shouldn’t be spammed with this error. This makes it difficult to keep track of actual in-game bugs and increases memory unecessarily by keeping so many spammed errors in the console.

Actual Behavior:


That wasn’t occuring before, ROBLOX is probably testing something or experimenting with BubbleChat.

Did this come randomly, or did you mess around with the chat settings?

This seems to only occur on my SCP: Roleplay game; I am using the same chat settings as in all my other games, and this is the only game that appears to have this issue.

Thanks for the report! This bug is known, and a potential fix is already on its way.
From what I investigated, this can happen if your game injects into the player’s character an instance named “Head” that is not a BasePart. Would that happen to be the case for your game?


I had a suspicion that this could be the reason. Yes; the game is currently using a still outdated character morphing that uses the Head part.

Glad to know a fix is on the way!

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Alright, in that case I’d recommend either updating your morphing scripts or waiting until the aforementioned fix ships. Apologies for the issue and congratulations for being the first popular game on Roblox to trigger it :sweat_smile: I’d love to follow up later to make sure that the fix works after it ships!


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