[CoreGui / PlayerGui ] Any fix against Hackers & Exploiters?

Question about Exploiters.

What would be the best way to ban / kick / report exploiters that make a gui and are able to see all your game code? Someone showed me that he could see my entire game code with just 1 gui.

He used startergui/playergui though. Any fix for this? I know we got to battle against hackers, but I’m asking what’s the best way to remove this kind of exploit in my game.


I’ve tried the code above, but it’ll be glitchy if you’d clone a gui into the player’s playergui (for example, for a robbery.)

Any answer is appreciated, thanks. <3

I don’t believe this would be the best way, there’s no real way to detect whether a player has opened a hacked client. The only real way is to have checks in your code to see if nothing is being broken like players speed, data etc on the server. I have read a post about a similar situation to yours, let me see if I can find it.

Edit: I couldn’t find the exact post, but I found another similar one here

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I agree with you. Checks could be possible. In my game I got a little check to see if you’re banned or not. Anyways, try find that post.

Hacked clients are indeed, not possible to catch. ROBLOX should add that though, so game developers have more ways to properly catch hackers & game exploiters.

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