CoreGui "RobloxLoadingGUI" infinitely hangs on gray screen

When loading a place in play mode, at seemingly random times, the load screen will infinitely hang on the gray transition screen

This bug only started happening today (28 August 2023) and there were no software updates made to my pc that I’m aware of
The bug occurs regardless of forked modules that I typically use:


Because the bug happens randomly, I can’t provide a repro place…
…However I was able to “snipe” the bug with a single play session so that the log would be as short/concise as possible – a log has been attached in the private files for engineers

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti

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Sometimes this happens if you have debug mode on. I forget where the exact setting is, (might be in Script Editor if you add a breakpoint) but adding breakpoints sometimes cause this. It might sometimes also say “Rendering is paused for debugging.” This might not be the problem but if it is happy to help :smiley:

having the exact same issue as you, just mysteriously started happening. i have no breakpoints and debug mode is not enabled so im not really sure what is causing this

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Found a fix:

Enable show coregui in studio settings
In the new Coregui service, find a folder named “RobloxLoadingGUI” and delete it.

You’ll have to do this everytime you test, but I’m sure you can make a simple plugin script if you don’t wanna do it manually.


Can confirm this is still occuring.

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For now I guess we just have to leave this resting in our commandbar and fire it up everytime we playtest


It’s honestly a bit tiring facing the amount of studio bugs lately.


Bug already half-solved… thanks

I’ve set up an autohotkey on my mouse bound to PageDown/PgDn that deletes the CoreGui component using the command bar, since I don’t think plugins can run on the client… also cba to find out if they do

Here is the AHK script:

#SingleInstance Force
SendMode Input

	if WinActive(ahk_exe "RobloxStudioBeta.exe")
		Msgbox, "i love fishing" ; i dont know why but dont delete this or it wont send inputs to the command bar
		Send, ^9
		Send, ^a
		SendRaw, game.CoreGui.RobloxLoadingGUI:Destroy()
		Send, {Enter}


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

After a whole week this is still happening, extremely annoying.

Fixed in update 595, thank you @Ugilicious

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