I’ve never really understood why the FormFactor property is not inherited in the CornerWedgePart object, while it is the case for regular Parts and regular WedgeParts, see below:

See, this is a bit problematic for me, I often work with detailed models which require a smaller scale than 1,1,1.
If the FormFactor is going to be added to CornerWedgeParts then it would be a huge favour for me!

Here’s a link to the CornerWedgePart mesh:

It’s a special mesh, so you can change it to whatever size you need. However, since it’s a mesh, you won’t have proper collisions, but I assume that won’t be much of an issue if the part is smaller than (1,1,1).

Anaminus also has a one of Stravant’s meshes for a triangular corner wedge in case you don’t want one side to be a perfect square:

Other useful meshes from MeshDB: (useful for making parts any color you want – not limited to BrickColor since you can add a white texture to the mesh and color it with VertexColor)

Lol thanks for the links echoreaper but the first brick on the left in Immi’s picture shows that mesh you linked and how the lighting is ugly on it

Oops – I should have clarified. The first link was for others looking for the mesh. I was too vague.

Only reason I’d like it is so that certain scripts that change the formfactor don’t randomly break because a cornerwedge was included.

pcall(function() v.FormFactor = “Custom” end)

Any word from a mod about why corner wedges don’t have a formfactor yet? What’s the limitation here? Maybe it was just forgotten?

  • The 2 filemesh corners aren’t affected by lighting,
  • don’t have wedge collision,
  • don’t work with CSG,
  • and don’t auto-scale to fill the bounding box when resized.

We don’t need a new formfactor, we just need a lower ResizeIncrement and a minimum size of 0.2,0.2,0.2. CornerWedgeParts don’t inherit the FormFactorPart class so it wouldn’t make any sense to give them a FormFactor property.

Why doesn’t it make any sense to just make it inherit from the FormFactorPart class? Please explain

One really good reason is that FormFactor isn’t even necessary, since like 2010. Now that we have the ability to resize at any increment FormFactor is basically useless. Simply unlocking CWP to behave as if it were Custom would be many times better than adding an outdated property.



I see you avoided my question, so I assume you don’t know of any technical limitations on why they can’t just make it inherit from the FormFactorPart class for now.

What you are suggesting (unlocking the resize increment) is currently not supported but what this thread is about IS supported, it just seems like an oversight.

I’m still not sure why FormFactor was ever even a thing (let’s make a property that disables logical behavior and turn it on by default!) but by now it’s probably here to stay and we might as well make everything a FormFactorPart. Making arbitrary-sized corner wedges from CSG is annoying and I’d really like to use the CornerWedgePart for what it was really intended for.

And while we’re at it, let’s put it back on VehicleSeats. I swear you used to be able to resize them small but now you can’t. Regular Seats have FormFactor, why don’t VehicleSeats?