Correct Positioning of UI relative to objects

Hello everyone! I am creating this post hoping that somebody can fix the issue that I have with UI positioning. The problem I have is an imagebutton isnt positioning along with an object (Sorry not the best at explaining but hopefully the screenshots provide a better example). I am nowhere close to being a good UI designer and was hoping someone could help

Thanks for reading and I hope you will be able to help me.

Do you want the button to be positioned the same on different devices, but don’t you?, maybe it’s poorly scaled, there are several ways to fix that manually or you can use a plugin that does it for you, or easier yet, you can just use Surface GUI. Either way, this plugin will help you to correctly scale your GUIs and position them correctly. If something is not well understood I am using Google Translate,

Thanks for the reply! I have moved to Surface Gui and it looks exactly how I want it to. Thanks

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