Corrupt Union

I’m on mac and my buildings union i s corrupt, what should I do?

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Redo it. There’s no way you can recover it.

You can’t recover it. Unions are completely broken at the moment and frankly I don’t understand how they haven’t been fixed/removed entirely yet. Just create a 3d model and redo it using a MeshPart so you don’t run into any problems.

There is a really good post by PeZsmistic about this

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Yeah, you’ve practically lost your work but something you could try is to use an older save that may still have the original unions,

I’m not sure this would work but it’s worth a try.

I recommend this also!

This helps me to recover my corrupted union on some of my games.

im really confused on what to do on the first step, do I just click the link and paste into the Java console?

Check your game’s id that contains corrupted union so you can navigate it to the output of the JS Console as you pasted the required code…

Follow every steps it said.

you can try reverting the version of the place that helped me get mine back but beware it mayrevert everything you have done back depending on what version you revert to
next time try using blender instead of union it seem to happen all the time(!the corruption)

thanks, that worked to get the union back. it literally took me 3 hours to make.

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