Corrupted Lands

So I have been working on this game for a few days.

I would like feedback, thank you for reading
Here is the game link:

Okay, first off, this is a bit weird:

The NPC’s will talk when you go near them, so sometimes it’ll say stuff twice. You should add a skip text button, and a press e to talk, instead of automatically bringing up text.

Add a period.


The black screen that goes all the way down does it to late, at that point I can already see the stage.

The mechanic of control jumping is very hard a clunky. It’s possible, but sort of awkward.

It would be nice to see the other players. And, in the spawn, there are a lot invisible parts:


And you’re not really told anything on where to go. I just wandered around until I hit the teleporter. Consider adding GUI, and making the entrance obvious.

This guy is blasting everywhere, and is really ruining my experience. Is this your friend? He’s killed all the NPC’s, and spread blasts everywhere to ruin the game. I got knocked off the parkour by him. When I got to the corruption, he blasted me into it, killing me.


This is pretty.

I would also add a start screen, game icon, and game thumbnail.

There’s floating stuff everywhere.

The teleporter does not work, unless it’s purposely not supposed to work.

The game just… ends there? Where’s the jungle?


Don’t ask us to review a game until you’re at a point in which you can accept criticism.

  1. NPCs are not named, are missing body parts, are floating, can be seen multiple times, the text intrusively pops up when you walk near them, the character next to the pop-up text is low resolution, and there’s no option to skip text.
  2. Fix grammar.
  3. Jumping is clunky, awkward, buggy, and is not explained well.
  4. Loading screen is unnecessary.
  5. There’s a lot of invisible parts, everywhere.
  6. The map is really poorly made. I can zoom the camera out to see parts I shouldn’t, there’s gaps in walls, etc.
  7. Annoying admins make it so I can’t even play the game. Killing me ruins the experience. The blaster also kills the NPCs, making me talk to a ghost.
  8. Teleporter does not work.

Sorry, this really needs work.

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How about now.
Edit: My internet is being weird and i cannot upload a video, sorry.

Hello. I think that what you have made is a very good start.

However, I found some issues that could be improved upon. Firstly, there are a few invisible un-anchored parts in spawn; spawn feels a little under decorated. There is a lot of empty space that could be filled. Also, I can not get up and the NPC’s chat box appeared for a second then dis-appeared right away so I have no clue how to get my jumping power up to proceed to the next level.

Apart from these issues, you have a very nice game and I wish the best for your development.

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I did the scripting and another person did the building he said he isn’t done with the lobby and plans to add more decorations.

You have to hold control and then let go and the jump.
Edit: The jump mechanic is still pretty glitchy, but i plan to fix that

You forgot to add this:
And the fact that I said jk

Did you not read the part when I said I have been working on this for a few days?
Obviously its going to be buggy.

Like i said, I’ve been working on this for a few days.

Dude, can you not accept any form of criticism? What do you want me to say, you game is perfect? It looks pretty?

You know there’s bugs and I’m pointing them out, do you not want that?
What am I supposed to give, only positive feedback?

Do you only want compliments? What are you expecting?

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I don’t mind the feedback, but going into my game and calling it terrible, isn’t really that nice.
I was not expecting complements either.
I knew myself how buggy the game is.

How did I not accept the criticism?
I was responding.

No I don’t mind negative criticism.

Game looks good on general. I do find some annoying problems in-game though. NPCs won’t load, the text contains a lot of grammar mistakes. I find the game a bit boring in general, it needs a lot of work.

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